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I am walking in October in San Francisco. Hope you don't mind that I left a link to this page on my blog.
Maybe ... if I'm lucky ... I'll run into one of you handsome ... FANTASTIC guys while we're doing our 60 miles.
Thanks for all you do!

Kristine Davis

You men are all great and I thank you! The calendar looks like another HIT!


I am walking in Cleveland as a first time walker. Can't wait to meet some of the 60 mile men.

Stephanie Faust

I finished my first event in Detroit, met Mathew on the bus ride to Ann Arbor and a few of the guys during the walk. You are all awesome, the 3-day is amazing and I am hooked! I will see you next year and maybe at the post party!!

Marji G.

Nate, I had a wonderful time chatting with you at the Twin Cities 3-Day. You are a true inspiration to other men. Please keep up the great work you are doing.

Nathan Frenzel


Thanks for all the support along the way at the Twin Cities 3 day!
It was an honor to walk along side of you.

The calendars are an amazing way to show support and I thank all you guys for all you do. More men should get out to fight!

Fellow walker/Crew

Nathan Frenzel

Jessica McGuire

I had the joy of meeting Jeremy, Mr. February 2008, this past weekend at the 2009 San Francisco 3-Day. What an amazing person! All of these men are inspirational and deserve our support!

A big thank you to Jeremy for practically carrying me into Closing Ceremonies after my injury and for keeping our lone teammate company on those last 10 miles.

Fellow walker,
Jessica McGuire

Donna Cattin

Vince nice picture. I'll surely see you crewing for many years to come.

Michelle Martin Dross

It was great to see Charles (Mr June) and Luke (Mr December) in San Diego. Way to go all you men. Thank you for supporting an important cause. See you next year!

Kathy Rojas

It was my first 3-day in San Diego this year. It was great to have my teammate, Luke, as part of the wonderful 60 mile men! I still need to get my calendar from you, Luke! Haha! It was also great to meet you-- Mr. January (Matthew). You have mad dancing skills! Save me a dance next year if you walk in San Diego again. It was also great to meet you, Mr. June (Charles). Thank you for making a donation to my walk this year. The checks were sent back to me due to the confusion with the 3-day post office. I received other donations to my account and reached $2384 so I am going to pay it forward to another teammate that can use the money for reaching their goal. Thanks again 60 mile men... you rock! :)

Looking forward to seeing you in 2010! I will be walking in Boston, Tampa & San Diego!

Lots of Love,

Luke "Mr. December 2010"

Thanks Michelle, it was a great time as always!


As part of my love for the 3-Day event, I'm trying to "collect" as many 60 Mile Men as possible. I have pictures of myself with 4 from '09 & '10, in addition to two more solo pictures. My hope is to add to my collection when I Crew in Michigan and walk in Philadelphia in 2010. I look forward to meeting more of you FABULOUS guys; until then, you'll be gracing my wall!

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